Brain Training restart classes in Whitefield

The human brain is an incredible organ with a limitless capacity to learn but age has a way of catching up with it! Designed for those above the age of 35, RESTART is a 30-day activity-based program for the fitness of the mind for a lifetime of fulfilment. It consists of a scientifically planned exploration of exercise, nutrition, sleep, novelty, challenge, creativity and meditation.

Just like any muscle in our body, the brain needs exercise to stay fit. The brain prioritises: neural pathways that are used more get stronger and those that lie dormant get purged. Another important cranial principle is that neurons that fire together, wire together.

Brighter Minds RESTART is designed to fight age-related brain fatigue with activities that exercise neural pathways.

As we grow older, the cognitive reserve or the brain’s ability to learn and retain skills related to memory, conceptual thinking, problem-solving, pattern recognition, visualisation, language, attention, perception and the like may diminish.

Research shows that the key to fighting age-related cognitive decline is good health — of the mind, spirit and body. RESTART addresses each of these aspects of our life to set the foundation for our golden years.

Done with the pulls and pressures finding a profession and settling down, this is the age to find your calling - which, contrary to popular belief, may have very little to do with your career. Brighter Minds RESTART is designed to give you the tools to harness your cognitive potential and find the freedom to think of the world you want to impact, through the perfect alignment of passion, profession and mission.

Course Duration

5 weekly sessions, each session of 3 hours.