How to Choose the Best Academy for Brighter Minds Program

Advanced Alpha plus | 14 April 2022

What is the brighter minds program?

Brighter Minds is a scientifically proven training methodology designed to improve the cognitive growth of children and adults. It is designed and developed by professionals from different fields and put together in a compact program.

Backed by neuroscience, this technique maximizes the cognitive ability of the child’s brain with specific brain exercises and activities. It helps your child improve focus, and attention, and boosts confidence.

How to choose the best academy?

A positive teaching environment, which is friendly, interactive, and motivating, helps children learn and soak up the concepts and methodology better.

brainintune is one such platform that will inculcate feelings of love, joy, and happiness in your child and most importantly keep them on their toes throughout the activity. We believe in the science behind the program and make sure all exercises are executed perfectly.

The next very important aspect while selecting an academy is the teaching professionals, we at brainintune have the best minds on board! Our trainers are from various fields all united with a passion for cognitive learning.

You should choose academies that offer both basic and advanced courses. At brainintune the courses range from Alpha which is from the age group 6-20, which has a balance of exercises that both activates and relax different lobes of the brain.

An advanced course, the Alpha plus for ages 8-20 increases memory power, intuition, and creativity. The program, “Restart” is designed for the age group of 35+. It is a 30 Day program for adults increasing mind fitness and giving a lifetime of fulfillment.

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