Brain Training alpha plus classes in Marathahalli
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​The brain is an organ capable of holding a large amount of information. According to Prof Rosensweig, a renowned psychologist, the memory reserves of the human brain are very large. If we record 10 things every second, the Memory reserves of the brain will be filled only halfway. The reason we cannot retrieve all this information as needed is because of the way it is organized.
Alpha plus uses the intuitive abilities developed during the Brighter Minds Alpha program and introduces Memory enhancement techniques that make information recall and organization of thoughts easier. Using these techniques children will find benefits in academic subjects like history, Geography, Maths, Chemistry, etc.
Creativity can be defined as the process of connecting various things to come up with new associations. According to socialist and social psychologist Graham Wallas and cognitive psychologist Scott Barry Kaufmann, 3 Networks of the brain work in coordination for the creative process. This process starts with the executive attention network of the brain learning and making subconscious connections to knowledge it already possesses. Then, the default network retrieves various things it has learned over the years, connects the various pieces of information, and comes up with creative idea. Then, the salience network takes over and makes the creative idea into something executable. For all these various networks to work efficiently and in harmony with each other, the mind and the body need to be relaxed.
Alpha plus introduces various techniques to keep the child relaxed and attentive. Various activities challenge the brain to learn new methods and think from different perspectives. Creative activities, which help the children put the above techniques to practice are part of the program as well.

How it Works

​Alpha Plus introduces participants to a more complex level of brain exercises, music and video content to build on the progress already made in the foundation program. It equips participants with 6 memory techniques that make organisation of information and, therefore, recall sharper. The program uses a combination of relaxation techniques and activities that challenge the brain to think in different perspectives. This is followed by specifically designed creative sessions, where participants work through all the acquired techniques, exercising their creative potential.

Course Duration

A six-week module for those who have already benefitted from the foundational Alpha Program, Weekly one session of 3 hours.